QSP Infotech Inc offers comprehensive technology solutions to healthcare companies. Our solutions include end to end IT support, implementation, support and maintenance. We help our customers achieve their strategic, financials and operational objectives in a cost effective manner. Healthcare membership engagement solution offers advanced consumer profiling capabilities and is a collection of health management resources. We provide our customers easy to use, flexible, and personalized member engagement health portals.

Key features include:

  • Combining data cleansing, master data management, on-demand reporting and analytics.
  • Delivering a 360 Degree view of your customer. An effective system that enables customers settle claims in a timely manner improves customer loyalty.
  • Claims processing solutions streamline the process and help customers reduce error rates and other flaws. Our customized solutions are tailor made to suit the needs of our customers and ensure accurate identification, faster processing and reimbursements and improved data extraction.
  • Tracking and managing compliance with healthcare regulations.
  • Regulatory Compliance services include education and training, privacy and security assessment and security audits like HIPPA, ICD 9 & 10 Conversions.
Some of the advantages include:

  • Modernizing claims systems, optimizing and rationalizing claims operations.
  • Reducing claims complexity and system maintenance requirements.
  • Meeting regulatory requirements will require evaluation and modernization of legacy systems.
  • QSP Infotech helps customers meet compliance requirements such as financial reporting, quality, disease/case management systems, management and operational reporting.